Each SIMS partner treats its patients' health information with respect and sensitivity, and entrusts SIMS with its patient records, in accordance with Ontario 's Personal Health Information Protection Act and other applicable laws.

Please review Our Commitment to Your Privacy for details about the services and safeguards that SIMS provides.

How We Integrate Information

The partnership builds privacy protection into all of its initiatives, ensuring that each is compliant with Personal Health Information Protection Act, other applicable laws, and industry best practices. Please see Our Projects for a list of projects and services provided to SIMS partners.

How We Protect Information

Preventing the unauthorized use and disclosure of personal health information, and protecting the integrity, security and confidentiality of the information, is paramount when developing and implementing new IM/IT systems and other shared initiatives.

A privacy framework built on best practices and the Personal Health Information Protection Act supports all of these information management activities. To protect privacy, SIMS employs the following safeguards: